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Successfully tested since many years in different locations.

For more than 10 years, KI2586* Alnova® has been tested throughout Europe. As variety manager, it is important for us to communicate the pros and cons of a variety in orcharding, storage and eating quality.
This takes time – time we want to dedicate all new varieties.

Early ripening Pinova

2-3 weeks before Pinova

Pinova is harvested the same time as Golden Delicious. Due to its prematurity, Alnova can be harvested a few days after Gala. Alnova ripens very quickly and can therefore be harvested within one to two weeks, i.e. before the start of the Pinova and Golden Delicious harvest – an ideal harvesting time.

Apple can freely be sold as Pinova, no Club

The grower can freely deliver the fruit to the cooperative and auction or sell it at the market/ex-farm without any restriction.

ATTENTION: the producer does not have the automatic right to use the Alnova brand.

Better coloration and less strips than Pinova

Less Gloeosporium

With the classic Pinova, up to 5 picks are necessary. Due to the better colouring, Alnova is harvested in 2 maximum 3 picks. The entire harvest is therefore shifted to the first picks. This indirectly influences the susceptibility to Gloeosporium, as it is known that later pickings are more susceptible.

Very good storage and shelf life

Even after several months of storage, Alnova does not loose its taste and crispness. The fruit has a beautiful shelf life, it tastes like fresh from the tree, even after long time at room temperature in a beautiful fruit basket.

Crunchy and juicy like Pinova

Alnova is as tasty as Pinova, if not even better:

The apple is juicy with a crunchy texture, sweet and sour and has a spicy aroma. Above all, it can be harvested and enjoyed immediately off the tree. Experiences with the classic Pinova show that this is more of a storage variety, which must be stored for several months before consumption. But not our Alnova.

More compact growth

Alnova has a more compact growing compared to Pinova, the trees show a drooping growth habit. By simply planting closer, the same yields per hectare are achieved.

*European PBR ® registered trademark

Quelle/Origine/Source: „Pinova und ihre Mutanten – Erfahrungen in Südtirol“ by Gerold Frank, Walter Guerra, Versuchszentrum Laimburg, in „Obstbau Weinbau“ no. 10/2020

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